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If you're new to Astrology, Congratulations on getting ready to embark on an amazing celestial adventure!  For starters, I'd like to shed some light on what a wonderful tool it is in assisting us to navigate our own lives and the relationships we have with others.  Some mistakenly believe Astrology is a "belief" system, similar to that of a particular religion; however that is actually a popular misconception.  

Astrology is technically a "language," like English, Spanish or French.  So you can think of it as, you either understand Spanish or you don't.  Same applies to Astrology.  The technical definition of Astrology is "the language of the stars" or on a broader scale, "the search for purpose in the heavens."  It is completely non-denominational and so doesn't conflict with any religious beliefs.  It is such a versatile and age-old science, that it has literally been around for thousands of years being a prominent means of timing in Egyptian and Chinese cultures, Native American cultures and even Biblical times.  The planets were considered the messengers, and before modern calendars were invented, they were instrumental in helping ancients determine times to plant and harvest their crops, predict the weather, determine cultural celebrations and even aid women in monitoring their menstrual cycles for reproductive purposes.  There are literally 7 planets that we can visually see from the Earth and these planets moving through the different constellations in the sky were so highly studied by the ancients, that they ultimately became a "compass" or navigational system for them and were eventually assigned characteristics similar to that of the human psyche.  

Astrology is a language; if you understand this language the sky speaks to you.

My goal is to simply break down this "language of the stars" into simple terms, with the intent of showing you how magically these celestial bodies work in our lives to align us with the right people, places and circumstances -  ultimately helping us to grow and thrive during our lifetime on this planet. Analyzing an astrology chart allows us to see the hidden (planetary) energies at work in the dynamics of a person, situation or relationship.  Once those hidden dynamics become conscious and we are made aware of them, it empowers us with the knowledge and tools about how to best navigate those energies in the most beneficial, constructive ways and in turn, live our BEST life possible.  Consequently, some questions that can be answered via an astrology reading include:

  • Your Ideal Vocation/Career

  • Your Ideal Partner

  • Your Life Lessons 

  • Your Strengths (Gifts to the world) and weaknesses meant to provide growth.

Those who can benefit from having a chart analyzed include:

  • Children

  • New Parents

  • Romantic Partners

  • Pets

  • Business Partners

  • Friendships


If this sounds like something that "Lights Up" your curiosity, there are multiple services I provide, described below, that are tailored to fit your individual circumstance.  Upon purchasing one of the readings listed, you will receive a copy of the astrological chart in question via email for your own records, along with confirmation of your appointment time.  Please also make sure to fill out and submit the New Client Astrology Intake Form under my "Forms" tab.  Each astrological consultation is 90 minutes in length and will also be recorded and sent to you to look back on for reference in the future.  NOTE: All information provided during consultations is 100% confidential.  I look forward to "diving" into your chart with you and embarking on this amazing adventure!  

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Natal (Birth) Chart Reading - $222.00

The natal or birth chart is essentially a map of where all the planets and asteroids were aligned in relationship to the Earth at the exact moment you were born.  Everyone has the same planets and points in their chart, but the exact configuration depends on the date, place and exact time you were brought into the world.  Birth charts show how the planets are arranged within each one of the twelve zodiac signs and then placed in one of the twelve areas of the human experience known as the twelve houses.  Encoded in those signs and houses are your personality characteristics, life patterns, partners and soul’s lessons for this lifetime.  The current transits of the planets then proceed to activate experiences throughout life that trigger our lessons, growth and ultimately our transformations.  An astrologer can “decode” these symbols and help give you a broader understanding of your life, your talents and struggles, and also your challenges and lessons, in order to help you navigate through your life easier and ultimately live it to your highest potential.  

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Relationship Reading - $333.00

Synastry is the art of relationship astrology.  Essentially, synastry is the overlapping of two individual’s natal birth charts in order to provide insight into the dynamics of the relationship.  Just like decoding an individual birth chart, comparing the planets and points in a synastry, can show how two people interact and affect each other.  For example, Jupiter is the planet of good luck and expansiveness.  Someone who has Jupiter strongly influencing one of your personal planets or rising sign will be very beneficial to you.  Additionally, two people who have a strong Venus and Mars interaction in their synastry can have extremely intense sexual attraction toward each other.  However, someone who has their Saturn strongly interacting with your moon can prevent you from being able to express your emotions and heart in a healthy, beneficial way.  Synastry readings can be used for all types of human interactions including romantic relationships, business partners, friends, and even children.      

Relationship Composite Chart Reading - Included in price for Synastry reading. 

A composite chart is a natal or birth chart of an actual relationship itself, whether romantic or platonic.  Unlike synastry which compares the different energies and personalities of the individuals, the composite chart calculates the mid-points of each of the individual’s planets and points.   It then creates a chart of the energies and dynamics of the relationship itself and how it plays out between the two individuals. It's like a "Mini-Me" born from two individual's interactions with each other.  For instance, it will take the mid-point of two people’s sun signs and calculate a “composite sun.”  Say one person has their natal sun in Taurus and the other person has their natal sun in Capricorn.  The composite sun, or the essence and energy of the relationship, will then be in the sign of Pisces.  So the "essence" of the relationship will be expressed between the two people as a very watery, compassionate, spiritual connection.  A composite chart provides very accurate insight into the actual purpose of a relationship – will it be happy?  Will it be erratic? Peaceful or electrically charged etc.  Note that a composite chart is only viable for a relationship that currently exists, meaning the two people have interacted with each other for a period of time already. 


Event / First Meeting Chart - $222.00

Have you ever heard of someone winning the lottery, taking a risk to invest in an unknown stock which proceeds to turns them into a millionaire, or meeting the love of their life who they end up being married to for 50 years?  You might think to yourself, “Well, the stars were aligned for them that day!”  Chances are, yes they probably were.  An event chart or first meeting chart is a “snapshot” of exactly where the stars and planets were aligned on the day a significant event happened in your life.  When compared to an individual’s natal chart, a distinct transit or pattern was probably in place the moment that event occurred.  How many times have you heard of a couple that meet and they just know they are meant to be together - you might hear them say, “Oh, it was written in the stars!”  Well that’s because most likely it was and an astrologer can show you exactly where.  Event/FM charts are great examples and confirmations of how our lives are truly divinely orchestrated and that nothing happens by coincidence.  NOTE: It is highly recommended that one have a basic understanding of their own natal (birth) chart BEFORE having a transit reading done, whether through self-study or having had a natal chart reading done first.

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Annual Transit Reading - $222.00 (For Return Clients Only!)

The current movements of the planets through the sky proceed to activate experiences throughout life that trigger our lessons, growth, major events and ultimately our spiritual transformations.  I use a multitude of timing techniques to help shed light on important themes one can expect over the upcoming year such as love, pregnancy, relocation, career change etc.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that one have a basic understanding of their own natal (birth) chart BEFORE having a transit reading done, whether through self-study or having had a natal chart reading done first.   


Signature Light Diver's Package- $555.00

The Light Diver’s package is an intensive combination of services spread out over 5 weeks that combines both Astrology and Energy Healing (Reiki) to assist in helping the energetic body clear imbalances and blockages trapped within its system, with the intent to trigger the body into “self-healing,” and thus promote a greater sense of relaxation, decreased levels of stress, and overall feelings of well-being and empowerment.


(Limited Time) 2023 Personal Eclipse Reading - $44.00

Eclipses are super fated events that happen twice a year in cycles.  Many times they are connected to life-altering events in our lives, depending on where the eclipse falls in your birth chart.  Getting an idea of how the 2023 solar and lunar eclipses affect your natal chart will allow you to empower yourself and navigate significant life changes with greater ease and clarity.  

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