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Fitness & Wellness Services



Fitness and nutrition have been front and center in my life since I was a child. I started as a dancer, progressed to a 3 sport high school athlete, and topped off my journey in competitive sports as a championship collegiate volleyball player. When it’s in your blood, you just keep on going.

As I grew older, my focus shifted from competitive sports to overall health and nutrition. Most of my time is now spent in the gym split between resistance training to keep both my bones and muscles in optimal health, and moderate cardio to keep my heart and mental health in good condition. I have spent years researching resistance training workouts, diets and overall nutrition. I have dabbled into everything from group classes to spin classes - swimming to running - kickboxing to circuit training. I have experimented with every diet from low carb to fat-free, keto to macro-counting. Over recent years, my body has changed drastically as to the foods and beverages I am able to tolerate. This is mostly due to the energetic nature/makeup of each particular food. As organic and “clean” foods (fruits, vegetables, legumes) hold a higher
energetic vibration, my diet is currently centered around holistic eating. Currently, I am almost completely dairy free, gluten free, and meat free with a few minor exceptions.  I am a certified Personal Trainer through the Americal Council of Exercise with a specialty focus on Sports and Fitness Nutrition.  


Wellness Services may include but are not limited to:

  • Diet and Nutrition Guidance

  • Food Education

  • Fitness Support/ Personal Training

  • Motivational Support

  • One-On-One Lifestyle Coaching

I am available for one-on-one support if you are struggling with your overall fitness, general lifestyle and/or nutrition routine. I can offer insight, advice or simply act as a support system to help you with motivation and accountability. Session fees vary depending on service - and custom packages are available.  Contact me for more information.


"Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made.  If you want a different result, make a different choice."

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