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My Story


Jamie Fay

Certified Holistic Healing Practitioner and Astrological Consultant

My journey into the world of metaphysics and integrative medicine essentially started many years ago. From a young age I found myself energetically sensitive and strongly empathic -pulled to caring for children, adoring animals, and wanting to heal the sick. My formal education led me to graduating cum laude with a degree in the Biological Sciences, intending to pursue a career in the medical field. As life guided me in different directions, I eventually found myself working for a mogul in the global pharmaceutical industry and my eyes were first opened to our Western culture - based mentality of popping a pill at every sign of pain or discomfort in the body.


As the years continued, I eventually got married and became pregnant with my one and only son. During that time, I underwent one of the most painful scenarios any parent has to endure, in which you find out your child is diagnosed with a rare metabolic disease that has no cure. The first year of his life was spent tapping into a spiritual reserve of prayer and faith I never knew I had, while he underwent test after test - consult after consult with researchers and physicians all over the world who could not give us a treatment nor prognosis. Suddenly my whole life changed from living the “American Dream” to just living day by day hoping and praying my son would keep his meal down and not projectile vomit all over the kitchen floor. I remember so vividly the first year of his life begging and pleading to God every night to give me the strength and skills to take care of him, help him, heal him - or at least lead us to a treatment or cure. Somehow, my quest for answers and explanations led me to the world of Astrology and ultimately sent me on a journey of SELF-discovery and knowledge that there is truly a higher power at work in our lives everyday. It’s not common that you hear stories of “medical miracles.” They are fairly rare - but you do hear about them….and that’s exactly what my son became. Eventually with no long-term treatment or medicine by the medical experts, my son began to make a drastic turn-around. A few years later, the genetic tests were re-done, concluding that the diagnosis and genetic disease had, in fact, completely changed.

Somehow my quest for answers led me to astrology.


My son Connor being evaluated by the medical team at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN - 2008

The mutations on the DNA once present in my son were not the same as when he was tested as an infant. The doctors had no explanation why or how a genetic test that was performed twice would just “change.” Under the watchful eye of the top children’s hospital in the U.S. my son has continued to grow and thrive over the years, with very little - if any medical intervention.​

Despite still having a medical condition, he is essentially a happy, healthy kiddo performing normal activities just like any typical teenager would. Due to his genetic condition in  infancy, it was decided I would stay home to raise him and not expand the family with another sibling. So I spent years as a caregiver, first watching the neighborhood children, and then eventually opening up my own daycare to watch children professionally. I dove into pursuing the spiritual science of Astrology and in time, what started originally as a fun hobby for me, ultimately turned into a passion and then a lifestyle.

But during this period as a professional nanny, I personally fell victim to two separate, but simultaneous injuries - I threw out my back and broke my right arm. The concept of me being incapacitated via a cast or sling would have had serious repercussions on my business and livelihood. So what I thought would initially be an experience with an orthopedic, in fact, turned out to be my very first “personal” 


Connor and Me - 2019

experience with energy healing. For reasons only the stars aligning could show, I met an energy healing practitioner who specialized in Reiki. She proceeded to heal both my back and my broken arm via energy healing, rather than the
traditional anti-inflammatory and cast. As a person who has typically been of a logical mindset, “I have to see it to believe it,” I had just undergone my SECOND experience of a nonconventional healing - the first being my son’s miraculous turnaround. I was hooked - there was something to this alternative healing method and I was determined to figure out what it was.

Over a number of years I became fascinated by my “miracle healer” (Reiki Master) and so ultimately chose to pursue the path of energy healing myself. Since becoming attuned as a Usui Reiki Master practitioner, I have now witnessed numerous turnarounds in healing, both on myself and others I care for. I have seen successful healing in children with colic and separation anxiety. I’ve witnessed reduction in pain and anxiety, an increase in intuition, and improved sleep on myself and others. The positive effects continue manifesting on a daily basis.


So you might be asking, was my son miraculously healed by the power of Reiki? It’s hard to say for sure. Although typically one must be “attuned” to the energy healing of Reiki, it has been documented that some individuals are simply born with the ability. Moreover, in a recent issue of Reiki News magazine published in Summer 2020, Dr. Martha Lacy M.D. shares her knowledge regarding how Reiki Can Heal by Modifying Gene Expression.  You can check out the full article HERE.

No matter what the case truly may be, I have witnessed enough positive experiences with this amazing healing modality that I have developed a true passion for sharing this gift with others. Does it mean I’m some kind of “miracle worker?” Oh gosh, I wouldn’t call myself that! Reiki practitioners are simply channels, or conduits, of the life force energy that inherently exists all around us. Quantum Physics has proved that. In this day and age with so many people becoming sensitive to medications and experiencing their side effects (myself included) it is my goal to share this holistic alternative with anyone open-minded enough to try it. And so, my life’s mission and purpose has been born. My journey has taken me on an adventure that lies beyond the physical and what we can see and logically understand. A journey about discovering a power, an energy that is much larger than we are...energies influenced by the cosmos that we have the ability to tap into to learn about ourselves, heal ourselves, and ultimately empower ourselves to live the best life we possibly can - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. As a dear soul sister once quoted, “the way up the proverbial enlightenment mountain is to dive deep within ourselves.” I am here to offer love, support and guidance to those who are curious about walking the inner path. Together, via energy healing, astrology, or simply a life coaching consultation, we can “dive for your own light” - your own unique energy signature to nurture and/or heal it to shine brighter and healthier than ever before. But whether you continue on this journey with me or are just passing through, I’d like to leave you with this: We, as humans, have incredible power - more power than we truly realize.

The human body has the amazing ability to heal itself on many levels...when we are in alignment. We have unlimited potential to live a life of joy, passion and purpose….when we are in alignment. YOU are special. YOU are powerful. YOU have a unique gift and are here for a reason. The keys to this power all lie within you - all you have to do is align with it. Like the Hermit card in Tarot, hold your lantern up high and keep moving forward. If your light falters, I am here to relight the flame. None of us walk this path in life alone. Sending you blessings and the utmost respect on your own personal journey of discovery.


With much love and light, 

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.
- Galileo Galilei

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