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July Astrological Energy Forecast

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

July will be an intense and momentous month in the cosmos with 3 powerful alignments, as well as an abundance of Water and Fire in the sky creating passionate emotions. Over the course of this month, every one of the personal planets in the zodiac will change signs, which means a very active month astrologically and showing a significant energetic shift in how we “think, feel, and act.” However, these planetary shifts are moving away from their most comfortable positions to signs that seem a little foreign to them. This means it may take a little adjusting to these new ways of thinking, feeling and acting as they will seem a bit “unnatural” to us as we attempt to navigate the next several weeks.

Mercury, the planet of our thought-process and communication, shifts from being more logical to being more intuitive. Venus, the planet of love and connection, shifts from being light-hearted and flirty to more of a nurturing, home body. And Mars, the planet of our passions and assertiveness, shifts from being impulsive and expressive to holding back and taking things slower and more methodical.

We also have two lunations, including a powerful Super Full Moon in Capricorn merging with Pluto (the planet of surrender and regeneration) and a New Moon in Leo just days after we officially enter the realm of Leo season on July 22nd. Full Moons, especially Super Moons when the moon is closest to the Earth geographically, render powerful emotions and represent a time of release and culmination. Occurring in the sign of Capricorn and merging energies with Pluto, this Super Full Moon will have powerful karmic themes to it associated with areas in which we have sought control and structure in our lives.

However, the Star of the Show is the planet of breakdowns and breakthroughs (Uranus) meeting up with the North Node of Destiny for the first time in 15 years on July 31st! The Nodes of the Moon are not planets but mathematical points on the ecliptic where the seasonal eclipses of the sun and moon occur. Symbolically, the North Node represents lessons and themes our collective is currently experiencing. The Nodes of Destiny take about 15 years to travel through the entire zodiac. Therefore, the last time the Nodes met up with the planet Uranus was back in 2007! The Nodes bring “Destined” events. The planet Uranus brings significant change or reversals – innovations and revolutionary breakthroughs depending on what zodiac sign is currently hosting it. For example, back in 2007 the North Node met up with Uranus in the constellation of Aquarius. Aquarius rules technology, and more advanced forms of communication ie. Computers. When Uranus met up with the North Node in 2007 Facebook, Twitter, and the iPhone were officially launched! Consider the significant impact those inventions have had on our collective consciousness! This time around the two meet up in the sign of Taurus. Taurus rules our material world – what we need to feel safe and secure. So, this includes areas like our money and banking systems, agriculture and food, real estate - but also it rules natural resources and natural weather patterns. Consequently, we could see significant changes in the areas I mentioned above, including extremes of weather such as forest fires or earthquakes as we are entering the season of FIRE in a couple of weeks. Although we may not notice anything significant the day of the alignment itself on the 31st, this meet-up will catalyze significant themes that will be prevalent in our lives for the next 15 years or so until the next cycle begins in 2038. Check out the additional alignments and the FULL Astrological Energy Forecast for the rest of July - Complete with specialized Crystal suggestions for all you Crystal Lovers out there below!

July 1st – At the tail end of Aries, Mars clashes with Pluto – Heated arguments and power struggles could arise over the next few days – be careful on July 4th (Suggested Crystal – Orca Agate)


July 5th – Mercury moves from logical Gemini to intuitive Cancer while Mars moves from impulsive Aries to laid back Taurus (Suggested Crystal – Blue Kyanite)


July 13th – Super Full Moon at 21 degrees Capricorn. Where in your life have you been trying too hard to manifest or control something? Time to “let go and let God” (Suggested Crystal – Garnet and Black Moonstone)


July 17th – Venus moves from sociable Gemini to nurturing Cancer (Suggested Crystal – Larimar)


July 19th – Chiron, the wounded healer, goes retrograde in Aries forcing us to re-assess wounds around our identity, leadership, and sovereignty. (Suggested Crystal – Kambaba Jasper)


July 22nd – Sun enters the realm of Fiery Leo – Time to bring playfulness, celebration, and creativity back into your life. (Suggested Crystal – Golden Healer)


July 28th – New Moon at 5 degrees Leo while Jupiter, the planet of higher learning and expansion goes retrograde – Time to re-evaluate our “Why:” the reason we’re doing what we’re doing and plant the seeds to bring success and expansion to that Why. (Suggested Crystal – Moonstone and Pink Tourmaline)


July 31st – North Node of Destiny merges with Uranus in Taurus – Sudden awakenings and insights around what we truly value (Suggested Crystal – Flower Agate)

Those are the energetic alignments for July! Powerful with lots of movement and activity so stay acutely aware of what comes up for you this month as we move into the 2nd half of 2022.

See you next month!

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