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The “Planetary Parade” on June 3rd - is it Real?

The “planet parade:”

Many people are seeing a lot of hype around a RARE planetary parade happening today, June 3rd, where a stream of planets will be visible in the night sky - for those Astrology lovers, you may have seen a lot of hype around it circulating on social media.

Please be aware this is NOT entirely accurate information! Some of it is correct - yes, today we have a sun/venus Cazimi in Gemini at 13 degrees as well as a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction at 0 and 2 degrees Gemini. These are two separate conjunctions and are considered too wide by traditional astrology to be considered a “4 planet conjunction parade.” Typically a conjunction’s orb only goes up to 9 or 10 degrees MAX with the Sun or Moon involved - less if it’s the other planets.

So although these alignments are positive energetically and make for an overall beneficial day astrologically, this is NOT a rare alignment, nor is it considered a “planetary parade” in the sky. It’s funny how one person’s interpretation of alignments can create such hype that people share the information impulsively without actually checking the facts.

No doubt, these next 4 days leading up to the New Moon in Gemini are positive, optimistic, and can bring exciting, new, out of the blue developments, especially as the moon will conjunct Uranus in Taurus later as well; but again, these conjunctions are too wide to be considered a “planetary parade”by traditional Astrology standards.

Either way, it doesn’t mean you can’t use this energy to your benefit - remember though, we’re in Gemini season and Gemini is all about gaining information and FACTS. Mercury conjunct Jupiter is great at potentially seeing a bigger picture and expanding/embellishing an idea, but sometimes forgets to look at the actual details of things.

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