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April Astrological Energy Forecast

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

The astrological energy for April 2022 is powerful indeed as we embark on the first Jupiter/Neptune meet-up in their home sign of Pisces in well over 200 years! This Once-in-a-lifetime event, coupled by an intense Uranian New Moon solar eclipse that will really shake, rattle and roll us brings a month to Remember - so as Uranus likes to say, “Expect the Un-Expected” during these massive energy shifts of Spring. Check out the important astrological dates in April below to assist you in navigating the cosmos this month.

  • April 1 – New Moon in Aries – Start the month off running with new projects and goals as Aries energy is fresh and bold (Suggested Crystal – Citrine)

  • April 2 – Mercury conjunct Sun and the wounded healer Chiron - Pay attention to thoughts and revelations about yourself allowing for a deeper understanding and healing (Suggested Crystal – Sodalite)

  • April 4 – Mars conjunct Saturn – A Day to focus on ONE and only ONE goal; obstacles and delays might cause setbacks. (Suggested Crystal – Amazonite)

  • April 12 – Jupiter conjunct Neptune – Pay attention to your dreams and intuition; a rare moment for awakenings and enlightenment (Suggested Crystal – Prehnite)

  • April 16 – Full Moon in Libra – A Day to focus on relationships; Solidify the Bond or choose to cut ties for good (Suggested Crystal - Rhodonite)

  • April 17 – Mercury conjunct Uranus – Sudden Revelations and AHA moments (Suggested Crystal - Lapis Lazuli)

  • April 19 – Sun enters Taurus bringing us Taurus Season – A Day for grounding and basking in the physical pleasures of Life (Suggested Crystal – Green Jade)

  • April 27-30 – Venus conjunct Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces – A time of magical romance and financial luck; Set the mood and let the “fairytale moment” appear (Suggested Crystal – Green Jade, Rose Quartz or Pyrite)

  • April 30 – New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus – a powerful energetic portal to catalyze change wherever Taurus rules your life (Suggested Crystal – Moss Agate)

That’s a wrap for the month of April! Wishing you so many blessings and positive change during this powerful astrological season.

See you next month!

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