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December Astrological Energy Forecast

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

December, 2022 – FINALLY a bit of a reprieve from the chaotic energy of eclipse season October and November brought us. I don’t know about you, but I felt like I’ve been put through the wringer over the last couple of months. As I write this, we are currently under the energy of a feisty full moon in Gemini that has a passionate dose of Mars energy attached to it. Thankfully, as this calms down, this month is easier than the last two and brings a mix of fresh new energy along with a visit from the past to re-evaluate some things. This shift actually begins to occur as early as from the 6th. December is a universal 9 month in Numerology so there is an extra dose of “Finality” and reflection to the energy as we close major portals and prepare for a powerful 2023. There’s a significant shift from FIRE energy embodied by Sagittarius season to EARTH energy of Capricorn season. This occurs during the celebration of the Winter Solstice, a time to celebrate the coming of the Light in a time marked by distinct seasonal darkness. The other two major astrological events that stand out this month are Jupiter changing signs and moving into the sign of Aries for the next 5 months as well as the final Mercury retrograde of the year that occurs in the sign of Capricorn right at the tail end of the month. This upcoming Mercury retrograde in the sign of the success-driven Goat will put a damper on any New Year’s resolutions, so if you’re one to set them, bump it up about 10 days and set those BIG goals on this month’s new moon on the 23rd. Jupiter changing signs this month right before the solstice is initiating that spark to help us celebrate the upcoming “Festival of Light” of Yule, and creates powerful momentum that leads the way to future success, but also to a plethora of other planetary bodies also changing zodiac signs in 2023. Make sure to stay tuned for my upcoming breakdown of the significant Astrological energies of 2023 that will have everyone talking. In the meantime, check out the additional alignments and the FULL Astrological Energy Forecast for the rest of the month - Complete with specialized Crystal suggestions for all you Crystal Lovers out there below!

· Dec. 6th – Mercury initiates the slow shift into the Earth element by being the first planetary body to enter Capricorn – Our thought processes and communication become more practical and cautious here giving us a healthy dose of common sense. (Suggested Crystal - Aragonite)

· Dec. 7th – Full moon at 16 degrees Gemini conjunct Mars – Release limiting thought patterns causing you anger, and frustration. Straight-forward and assertive communication is supported during this lunation - Be strategic in how you approach any verbal confrontations and end them with a strong sense of personal integrity (Suggested Crystal – Fluorite)

· Dec. 9th – Venus, the planet of love and money, enters Capricorn – It’s time to raise the bar in love; invest in yourself or make the move to solidly invest in your current relationship. (Suggested Crystal – Garnet)

· Dec. 20th – Jupiter leaves Pisces and enters Aries – A time to take risks and be bold and courageous in the area of life where Aries is in your birth chart. Aries knows what he wants and has no problem going after it. (Suggested Crystal – Ruby)

· Dec. 21st – The Sun enters Capricorn marking the Winter Solstice and officially beginning Capricorn season – Capricorn is the CEO of the zodiac; what areas of your life are you looking to improve and make more successful? (Suggested Crystal – Onyx and Black Tourmaline)

· Dec. 23rd – New Moon at 1 degree Capricorn and Chiron, the wounded healer, goes Direct – The 5 planet Stellium in the sign of the Goat makes this new moon a strong one for strategizing and planning for success, especially since it aspects Jupiter in Aries. Honor the wounds that have prevented you from fully stepping into success before and boldly step out of your comfort zone. Jupiter in Aries will light a fire under your a$$ to motivate and inspire you. THIS is the time to set those New Year’s Resolutions as the cosmos is supporting your intentions by supplying the energies of both hard work and courage. (Suggested Crystal – Rutilated quartz and Galena)

· Dec. 29th – Mercury goes Retrograde in Capricorn until January 19th – the final mercury retrograde of the year, it’s time to tie up loose ends. Some may see old friends, lovers, or work situations show up to be re-evaluated. Check what house Capricorn falls in your birth chart to get an idea which area of life you will be re-visiting as you head into 2023. (Suggested Crystal – Blue Lace agate and Sodalite)

Those are the energetic alignments for December!

See you next month!

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