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February Astrological Energy Forecast

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

2021 proved to be another year of significant changes in our world of which we ALL had to find different ways to navigate – I’m sure everyone was glad to finally bid “farewell” to that baby. But the Cosmos always “tips us off” ahead of time as 2021 was ruled by the swift planet of Mercury and the “freedom-seeking” number 5 in the ancient science of Numerology – the number 5 is associated with CHANGE and WOW, did we see some significant changes….and then more changes….in areas such as our school policies, workplace policies, and government policies.

Saturn, the planet of structure and limitations, squared off with Uranus, the planet of liberation and freedom a few times over the course of 2021 - instigating a tug of war between “Mandate and Choice.” Thank goodness 2022 comes in with a different flavor – that of VENUS and the number 6 in Numerology! Venus is the planet of harmony and the number 6 represents nurturing, love and service. It emphasizes matters of the heart such as: family, marriage, children, the home, justice and peace.

Sounds a little more pleasant, doesn’t it? We have some LOVELY energy coming to us in 2022 - Let’s check out the “Big Hitter’s” for the month of LOVE itself:

  • February 1 – the Lunar New Year – Year of the Tiger (Suggested Crystal: Tiger’s Eye)

  • February 4 – Moon enters the fiery sign of Aries and Sun conjuncts (merges with) Saturn – A good day to start something NEW as Aries is the first sign of the zodiac – Get inspired and motivated – this, in turn will motivate others. Sun/Saturn will help you stay disciplined as you put your nose to the grindstone seeing the long-term achievement, rather than the short-term work (Suggested Crystal: Lepidolite)

  • February 6 – Moon enters the sensual sign of Taurus – PERFECT DAY FOR SELF-CARE!!! Did you book that Reiki session yet??!! (Suggested Crystal: Selenite)

  • February 8 – Mars harmonizes with (trines) Uranus – Let your hair down and do something Daring (Suggested Crystal: Bloodstone)

  • February 9 – Moon enters the witty sign of Gemini – Great day to take a class - your mind is itching to learn something new (Suggested Crystal: Serpentine)

  • February 11 – Mercury conjunct Pluto – Been putting off that tough conversation? Today’s the day to have it – Go Deep – The truth will come out (Suggested Crystal: Black Tourmaline)

  • February 14 – Moon enters LOVING Leo – Go out and celebrate (with another OR with yourself) Leo is BIG love no matter what (Suggested Crystal: Labradorite)

  • February 16 – Full Moon as the cosmic lovers (Venus and Mars collide) – Manifest that “should’a could’a would’a” that you didn’t quite make happen on the 14th….creative/sexual energies will be high…hint hint (Suggested Crystal: Carnelian)

  • February 18 – Sun enters Pisces bringing us “Pisces Season” – Happy Birthday to all you Pisces out there (Suggested Crystal: Aquamarine)

  • February 21 – Moon enters Scorpio – Emotions will run deep and passionate…for good or ill (Suggested Crystal: Black Tourmaline)

  • February 23 – Moon enters Sagittarius – Feeling adventurous? Take a trip…either physically or metaphysically (Suggested Crystal: Obsidian)

  • February 24 – Mercury squares off with Uranus – Conversations could be tense…keep your cool…don’t explode. Change is lurking behind every corner (Suggested Crystal: Blue Lace Agate)

  • February 27 – Moon enters Aquarius – Spend some quality time with your BFF, this is your monthly version of National Best Friend Day! (Suggested Crystal: Larimar)

And that’s a wrap for the energies of February - some up’s and down’s, but that’s typical for the Masculine/Air-ruled sign of Aquarius as this sign is ruled by the planet of Uranus which thrives on being able to keep us guessing…HA!

See you next month!

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