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January Astrological Energy Forecast

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Happy New Year! 2023 is a Universal 7 year in Numerology (Ruled by Neptune) which means the year will be colored with themes of spiritual awakenings, stronger intuition, faith in the Bigger Picture and doing strong internal soul work. This year has some significant astrological transits and so energetically it will be quite an active year. We have 3 major planets changing signs: Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto as well as the nodes of the moon changing signs which brings a highly active year of eclipses as the eclipses this year will fall in Taurus and Scorpio AS WELL AS Libra and Aries! This will be a year of big transitions and growth for many people.

January 2023 starts off a little slow as we are still processing the previous year and what needs to be adjusted. Both Mercury and Mars are Retrograde with Mars being in a Mercury-ruled sign, so the first half of the month is all about slow, internal work to assess and evaluate our current situations. It’s like a Retrograde double-whammy so it’s more of an introspection period (especially for Capricorns, Gemini’s and Virgos) but it’s aiding us in coming up with solutions that best support our future. A highly emotional moon (also known as the Wolf Moon) on the 6th in Cancer might have us feeling a little mentally confused (as the moon opposes Mercury Rx) as to the correct path ahead and we may struggle to come up with solid, concrete answers. But there’s a focus around what we “need” to feel more filled up and emotionally safe and secure. The full moon occurs on the Cancer/Capricorn axis so home/family and career/work balance will be highlighted. Although it could trigger some internal wounds, it could also present us with some unique and out of blue opportunities that could provide answers to our questions. Mars and Mercury both turn around mid-month, speeding up the energies and giving more clarity and gusto to make things happen and Aquarius season officially starts on the 20th, where we seek friends and community to support us as well as feeling the desire to consider more “out of the box” solutions, activities, and people to support us and our goals. A new moon in Aquarius on the 21st followed by Uranus going Direct for the first time since August sets the stage and allows us to plant the seeds for those new “Unique” opportunities and people to come in. With Uranus going Direct and no longer aspecting Saturn as it has for quite some time, careful what you wish for as it may land in your lap soon than you think. We end the month with Venus gliding into the spiritual and artistic sign of Pisces which initiates the romantic vibes that February always ushers in. Hint: Valentine’s Day will be EXTRA dreamy and romantic this Year! Check out the alignments and the FULL Astrological Energy Forecast for the month - Complete with specialized Crystal suggestions for all you Crystal Lovers out there below!

· Jan. 2nd – Venus enters Aquarius – Romance may come in unusual ways – if single, you may meet someone through a friend – coupled, celebrate your uniqueness with each other (Suggested Crystal - Sugilite)

· Jan. 6th – Full moon (Also known as the Wolf Moon) at 16 degrees Cancer – Tune into what you truly need – Home and work may come into focus as well as the past. Let go of anything that is holding you back from a sense of comfort and security (Suggested Crystal – Ametrine and Pink Tourmaline)

· Jan. 12th – Mars goes Direct in Gemini for the first time since October 30th. Our motivation and desire to get things done finally returns (Suggested Crystal – Blue Apatite)

· Jan. 18th – Mercury goes Direct in Capricorn since being Retrograde starting Dec. 29th. Communication clears up and techy glitches should resolve. (Suggested Crystal – Tree Agate)

· Jan. 20th – The Sun enters Aquarius – Happy Birthday to all the Aquarians! Let your “freak” flag fly! (Suggested Crystal – Amethyst)

· Jan. 21st – New Moon at 1 degree Aquarius. The first new moon of the year and the Lunar New Year! This is a truly positive new moon making great aspects to Jupiter and Mars (now Direct) as well as a strong link to Pluto! Intense and transformative changes can now occur officially kicking off the “newness” of 2023! Check what house Aquarius falls in your birth chart to see where you will see new beginnings! (Suggested Crystal – Larimar)

· Jan. 22nd – Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, goes Direct since last August. This will “speed” up the changes you’ve been wanting to make for years as for the first time, the planet of change isn’t aspecting Saturn (the planet of delays and obstacles) any longer. (Suggested Crystal – Rutilated Quartz)

· Jan. 26th – Venus enters Pisces – Soulmate time; we will be more attracted to art, creativity and a spiritual connection with our partner. Venus LOVES being in Pisces so enjoy this “otherworldly” transit as the themes of Unconditional Love permeate the energy. (Suggested Crystal – Unakite)

Those are the energetic alignments for January!

See you next month!

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