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March Astrological Energy Forecast

As March 2024 begins, we enter the official countdown.  Only 14 more days until we arrive at the astrological New Year which arrives late on March 19th.  This begins Aries season; the season of the FIRE element so get ready to rock and roll as we prepare for the upcoming eclipse season highlighted by another Great American Total Solar Eclipse which will occur on April 8th.  March highlights Pisces season – the season of healing, letting go and introspection as Pisces is the last sign of the astrological wheel.  We have shifted from the Air element of Aquarius to the Water element of Pisces.  The energy shifts from the mind to the emotions…. from doing to being. All of the planets are still moving direct in the sky which means we can still accomplish and be productive during this time; however, the focus must be in the right areas of productivity.  Once Aries season starts, it’s a New Year and a New You energetically.  Will you be ready to embrace your authentic self and step into your bravery and courage?  This year is going to be full of surprising twists and turns – when we can navigate it from a place of peace, love, and sovereignty, we become “masters of our own universe.” March will close out the current astrological year by catapulting us into the Spring 2024 eclipse portal – highlighted by a full moon lunar eclipse on March 25th.  With multiple planets entering and leaving the sign of the fish, things may seem slippery and unknown.  Pisces season can bring a fog with all of the Neptunian energy, especially as divine intervention comes into play with the upcoming eclipse. However, we are being washed clean by the universe so there is also a beautiful opportunity to tap into artistic, creative and spiritual pursuits if you Go Deep and tap into your heart and inner knowing. Let's take a look at the astrological transits that are leading us up to the Astrological New Year, Aries Season, and the Spring 2024 eclipse portal:

March 3rd - Venus Square Uranus - This can bring disruptions in our relationships and finances. This can be a good time to explore unconvential relationship dynamics or experiment with new ways to manage finances. On the extreme, Uranus can sever relationships that are already on their way out as Uranus can bring unexpected windfalls.

March 8th - Mercury aligns with Neptune - This is THE intuitive "pay attention to your dreams" transit. Mercury = mind and Neptune = dreams and the unconscious. Keep a dream journal by your bed for chances to receive spiritual guidance from your soul, higher self and spirit guides.

March 9th - Mars Square Uranus - This is a very impulsive (can't sit still) energy. There is a strong need to do something - to break free of something. Channel this energy positively by getting your physical body moving; exercise, take a walk, dance it out as to not allow the energy to get pent up and result in impulsive/sudden actions we regret later.

March 9th - Mercury moves into Aries - Mercury, the planet of communication, gets more direct and assertive for a while. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Mercury will spend an extended amount of time in Aries due to its upcoming retrograde starting April 1st.

March 10th - New Moon in at 20 degrees Pisces - this is an auspicious new moon filled with magical new opportunities and serendipities being in line with Neptune and positively speaking to Uranus. Check what house Pisces rules in your birth chart for more details as to how this might play out for you.

March 11th - Venus enters Pisces - A time over the next several weeks to embrace more empathy, compassion, and unconditional love as Venus is exalted in the sign of Pisces. Spiritual connections and relationships (soulmates, twin flames and 5D soul unions) are highlighted during this time.

March 19th - Sun moves into Aries starting Aries season and the Astrological New Year! Happy birthday to all the Aries out there!

March 21st - Venus aligns with Saturn - Venus is money and relationships; Saturn is commitment and lessons. These two areas can get a grounded reality check, especially if we have been viewing any of these areas with rose-colored or distorted glasses. Saturn can make or break. If relationships are rooted in unconditional love, expect a deeper commitment; otherwise, Saturn can come in and sever ties to mark the end of a karmic lesson.

March 22nd - Mars enters Pisces - Follow your intuition when making decisions or taking any inspired action over the next 5 weeks. Pisces is a mutable/changeable sign however, so don't be surprised if you change your mind later.

March 25th - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Libra. The Aries/Libra axis of self and relationships is being activated again as it was back in the fall of 2023. This can bring creative or romantic epiphanies in this area as well as marking culminations that can manifest over the next 6 months. Take a look at which two houses Aries and Libra mark in your own personal birth chart to get a better idea how this will play out for you.

March 31st - No major astrological alignments but Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates.

Those are all the major planetary alignments for March - see you all next month for the Great American Total Solar Eclipse in April.


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