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May Astrological Energy Forecast

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

We're knee-deep in Eclipse season as we currently navigate the two-week period between the New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 30th and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on May 15th. This powerful time in the cosmos is known as the "Dragon Tunnel" as Eclipses occur due to the nodes of the Moon (the future-oriented North Node being the Dragon's Head and the past- oriented South Node being the Dragon's Tail.) Between the two eclipse dates denotes a powerful energetic portal (or tunnel) that catalyzes fated events and re-directs us back to the path of our true destiny. Coupled with a seasonal Mercury Retrograde in Mercury's own sign of Gemini and Venus, Mars and Jupiter all charging into the fiery sign of Aries, we have officially left the dreamy and illusionary Pisces season with just Neptune traversing through the last degrees for another 3 years yet. Although there's lots of FIRE now in the energy - giving us the motivation to pursue new projects and goals, change horses and start in different directions, Mercury going Retrograde will throw a wrench in there making for miscommunications, electronic malfunctions and travel delays. Double and triple checking EVERYTHING from appointment dates to flight information, to "fine print" on contracts will be of upmost importance. Thankfully Mercury only wreaks havoc for a few weeks as he will station and go direct again on June 3rd and it's all systems "GO" moving forward. Check out all the important astrological dates in May below to assist you in navigating the cosmos day to day the rest of this month.

May 2nd - Venus enters Aries - Be Bold in love this month - make that first move! Suggested Crystal - Rhodonite

May 5th - Sun joins with Uranus - Expect the "unexpected!" It's a day of fateful twists and turns! Suggested Crystal - Crazy Lace Agate

May 10th - Mercury goes Retrograde for 3 weeks - Check (and re-check everything!!) Suggested Crystal - Blue Sodalite

May 15th - Full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio while Venus merges with Chiron - A magical Cinderella transit - Cupid could strike you with his arrow, just as you weren't looking. Suggested Crystal - Selenite

May 18th - Mars merges with Neptune - "what's your 10 - year plan?" A great day to find inspiration for your long-term goals. Suggested Crystal - Labradorite

May 20th - the Sun enters Gemini bringing Gemini Season - a great time for socializing with friends and taking a class! Suggested Crystal - Blue Lace Agate

May 24th - Mars enters its home sign of Aries - Give Mercury another week and then it's power time in the motivation department! Suggested Crystal - White Howlite

May 28th - Venus enters her home sign of Taurus - It's all about pleasure so watch the tendency to overspend - Suggested Crystal - Malachite

May 29th - Mars conjoins Jupiter in Aries - Lots of energy and motivation is the signature for this day so use it both physically and mentally - Suggested Crystal - Bronzite

May 30th - New Moon in Gemini - Set those intentions; new moons are great for starting new projects especially if it involves communication, travel or learning this month! Suggested Crystal - Serpentine

That’s a wrap for the month of May! Wishing you so many blessings and positive change during this powerful astrological season.

See you next month!

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