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New Moon in Aquarius - February 9th, 2024

Updated: Feb 13

Today we have a new moon at the rebellious and innovative 20 degrees of Aquarius!  There is a powerful Scorpio energy to this new moon - feelings of sudden shifts and restlessness forcing us to get down to the truth and authenticity of our lives.  Aquarius is the rebel genius, the one that will march to the beat of their own drum.  They crave and appreciate all things different and unique.  Aquarius is the sign that most appreciates letting your “freak flag” fly.  

This new moon is surrounded by both Mercury and Pluto also visiting this sign making the Aquarian energy highly charged within all of us!  There is a restless energy that comes with this new moon and this particular lunar cycle - a need to break free and start something completely unconventional and liberating!  There is a strong potential for shake ups and shakedowns as the ruler of this new moon, Uranus, is squaring the new moon itself.  Expect the unexpected is the name of the game with this new moon.  What you thought you valued, Taurus, just may change on a dime.  

The signs most likely to experience new and exciting unconventional relationships during this lunar cycle are Leo and  Gemini.  Aquarians are due to get a liberating new beginning in just about any area of their life as they are the super stars of this new moon.  

For everyone else, check to see what house 20 degrees of Aquarius falls in your birth chart as that’s where you will feel restless and ready to break out of your shell and show your authentic true colors.  

This is the new beginning we’ve been waiting for as February is a universal 1 month in Numerology…January was an energy of endings and chapters culminating.  With the official Lunar New Year of the Dragon occurring tomorrow, this is your “Green Light” from the universe that the energy has shifted and we are off and running to bigger and better chapters in our lives...even if we had to see the previous ones burn to ground first.  Thank you, Pluto, shifting into Aquarius. Onward and upward.  

This new moon is coming in with massive solar energy and flares off the Sun being marked this morning by a record strong X class solar flare.  Remember that Aquarius is of the AIR element and the ruler, Uranus is highly activated right now.  Uranus and Aquarius rules over our nervous system.  If you are feeling heart palpitations, head pressure, fatigue or buzzing, take extra time to ground your energy.  

Go outside in nature, take a walk, take a salt bath, carry grounding crystals such as black tourmaline and onyx, and eat grounding foods such as potatoes, beets and carrots to help you stay grounded in your body.  Staying hydrated and moving your body to allow the energy to move through you will be very beneficial.   

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