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April 2024 Astrological Energy Forecast - Beyond the April 8th Total Solar Eclipse

What a wild ride April has been so far energetically. Venus, the planet of love, moved into Aries just days before the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th creating a murid of FIRE ENERGY in the sky, while two days later the ruler of the eclipse, Mars met up with Saturn, the teacher of reality checks and hard knocks. However, since that time, the cosmos has remained relatively quiet, closing out the eclipse portal and not making any major alignments over the last week. Alas, the energy is getting ready to ramp of again as the 2nd half of April bodes 7 major planetary shifts including the much anticipated, and arguably considered THE biggest astrological alignment of 2024! We officially enter Taurus season today, April 19th, and on the heels of a RARE Jupiter/Uranus meet-up, we will finish off the rest of April with Mercury, the planet of communication, finally going DIRECT, a full moon in Scorpio, a powerful alignment for relationships where Venus lines up with Chiron (the wounded healer) and Mars, the planet of action and drive, charging into his home sign of Aries. The 20th and 21st are marked to be an extremely transformative and healing time, especially around relationships. Let's break down the rest of April and solidify why this month is the most powerful and influential month of 2024.

Apr. 19th - The Sun moves into Taurus leading the way of the elemental shift from FIRE to EARTH. This will start to create a slower, more grounded energy moving into May. May is definitely poised to be less intense. Taurus season is a great time to get out in mother nature and connect with the elements as Taurus rules the Earth itself. Consider grounding exercises, playing in the dirt (gardening or planting your favorite flowers) go on a hike in nature, or book yourself a spa day to indulge your senses. Happy Birthday to all the Taureans out there!

Apr. 20th - A RARE meet-up of the planets Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus - Jupiter, the planet of luck, abundance and blessings, makes his rare meet-up with Uranus, the planet of change, liberation, illumination and revolution for the first time in 14 years! Both Jupiter and Uranus are considered more of the slower moving, outer planets and so they take a longer time to orbit the sun. When they meet-up finally in the sky, this can catalyze significant events, both collectively and personally. This meet-up is closing a 14-year cycle as the last time these two met up was in 2010/2011. Depending on what zodiac sign the conjunction occurs is where we are sure to see shifts and quantum leaps on the world stage and in our personal lives. For instance, prior Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions resulted in man walking on the moon, and the invention of the internet. In 2024 Jupiter and Uranus are connecting in the sign of Taurus. Taurus, ruled by the planet Venus, is associated with Agriculture, Food, Money, our Financial/Stock and also our Housing Markets. Hopefully we will see a "positive" shift for the better in these particular areas - this could manifest in breakthroughs and inventions around food and farming, revolutions and illuminations in the way we care for the environment, even a new type of currency. Uranus entered Taurus back in 2018 and Jupiter entered Taurus last year. On a personal level, this is a turning point in your own personal story that started back in 2018. The rare meet-up in Taurus can potentially create miracles, personal breakthroughs and sudden plot-twists that can totally catapult you out of situations where you have been feeling stuck, frustrated or feeling like you weren't getting any cosmic help from the universe. The biggest lesson this alignment has been teaching us in the sign of Taurus is PATIENCE! Taurus is an EARTH sign, which means it has powerful Manifestation capabilities; however, the art of Manifestation also involves an element of patience and "divine timing." NOW is where miracles can happen! Although everyone is impacted by this meet-up in some way, those most impacted by this celestial event will be the fixed signs, especially ones with personal planets or points around 21 degrees of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius. In order to find out how this will personally impact your life, check what house in your birth chart 21 degrees of Taurus falls. A new 14-year cycle is being born - a new chapter begins.

Apr. 21st - Venus Conjuncts Chiron - When Venus, the planet of love, meets up with Chiron, the wounded healer, this creates a powerful healing portal around personal relationships. There is a strong need to show up open-hearted, vulnerable and authentic in your connections as this merging is checking in on both people's current vibration. If aligned, this meet-up can create a profound opportunity for repair, commitment, healing and love with a soulmate in your life. However, if we aren't willing to show up from this place of honesty, vulnerability, surrender and unconditional love, this alignment can create a world of hurt and wounding as Chiron will demonstrate where we are still reacting from a lower vibration. With Mercury still retrograde until the 25th, this could bring back someone from your past you are meant to do some healing work around.

Apr. 23rd - Full Moon in Scorpio - An intense full moon at 4 degrees of Scorpio. The full moon has a tense conversation with its ruler Pluto, sitting in Aquarius, thus amplifying the emotional aftermath of the Jupiter/Uranus and Venus/Chiron conjunctions. This can potentially be a difficult full moon, but also an opportunity for profound empowerment and healing as Scorpio will ask us to confront any fears and insecurities that could be keeping us back from obtaining the blessings that the conjunctions on April 20th and 21st created for us. Dive deep into those emotions, meet them and then allow yourself to RISE like the Phoenix that you are.

Apr. 25th - Mercury goes DIRECT - Merucry finally completes his backward track in Aries and stations direct. Any vacillation around a decision, a person, a job or path will now clear up and you can begin to see clarity moving forward. People with Aries placements, in particular, will appreciate the relief of Mercury finally turning around and marching onward in the sky.

Apr. 29th - Venus moves into Taurus - Venus, the planet of what and who we value, will gracefully enter her home sign of Taurus changing what we value to the more luxurious and sensual sides of life. Romance changes from fast and exciting to slow and sensual, and we tend to spend our money on a little more of the finer things in life - be that a posh pair of shoes, expensive perfume or indulging ourselves at that fancy restaurant. If coupled up, spend the next several weeks getting touchy-feely with your lover (backrubs, massages, etc.) as Taurus rules over the senses and Venus here loves to smell, taste and touch to her heart's content.

Apr. 30th - Mars moves into Aries - Mars, the planet of desire and motivation, will charge into his own home sign of Aries for 6 weeks giving us much needed energy, drive and courage to tackle all sorts of tasks and projects in our life. It can bring increased confidence as well as a packed Calander full of events and activities. Life moves at a fast pace when Mars is in Aries so use the opposite energy of Venus in Taurus to take time to stop and smell the roses here and there.

Those are the alignments for the second half of April 2024 - See you all next month in May!

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