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The April 8th Total Solar Eclipse in Aries - Your New Chapter Awaits

There is much information circulating on the internet and social media around the powerful New Moon Total Solar Eclipse occurring today, April 8th, 2024.  Here I present my own personal thoughts and interpretations around the meaning of today’s eclipse.  I hope this blog post encourages you to open your mind to different perspectives and calm any unsettling thoughts you may have encountered around today’s event.  As always, take whatever resonates for you and leave the rest:


Today, we have a Super New Moon Total Solar Eclipse occurring at 19 degrees Aries at 2:18PM EST.  Let’s first talk about how to interpret that very statement alone.  Eclipses occur when the path of the moon (meaning its orbit) crosses the path of ecliptic.  The ecliptic is essentially the “highway” or band in which the planets orbit the Sun.  This band is essentially the zodiac.  Eclipses always occur in pairs and typically happen twice a year.  They correspond to New Moons and Full Moons.  Solar Eclipses only occur on New Moons and Lunar Eclipses only occur on Full Moons.  We opened this season’s eclipse portal with a Lunar eclipse or full moon occurring at 5 degrees Libra on March 25th.  This full moon opened an energetic portal (what’s known as the eclipse portal.)  The portal typically lasts for 2 weeks and so will close today with a New Moon Solar eclipse occurring at 19 degrees Aries, the opposite astrological sign of Libra.  Solar eclipses are fairly common, again they typically occur twice a year… but here is where this Solar eclipse differs.  First, this Solar eclipse is happening obviously during a New Moon, but this new moon is actually a Super Moon.  A super moon occurs when the Moon is geographically (meaning distance-wise) the closest to the Earth. Have you ever been outside during a full moon and as you stare in the sky you say to yourself, “Wow, the moon looks HUGE!”  Well, chances are the reason why you perceive it that way is because it literally is closer to Earth than normal.  Well Super Moons can occur with New Moons as well, even though we can’t physically see a new moon.  The Moon’s energy absolutely can influence us energetically and so when we have a Super Moon (whether it’s a new moon or full moon) it’s essentially like a lunation on “steroids.”  The added close geographical distance of the moon to the Earth enhances the energy of the moon felt by the collective.  Today’s New Moon Solar Eclipse is one of those Super Moons.  Now, let’s add an additional layer – the fact that it’s an eclipse.  Not just a regular solar eclipse but a Total solar eclipse.  A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon crosses the path between the Earth and the Sun and completely (totally) blocks out its light for a brief time.  Total solar eclipses are not incredibly rare either; as a matter of fact, the last total solar eclipse occurred in 2021 but was only visible in Antarctica.  However, most of you may remember the prior total solar eclipse that occurred before that which was dubbed the “Great American Solar Eclipse” that occurred back in August 2017.  Ok, so eclipses have been around for thousands of years…but let’s add yet another fascinating layer to today’s Total Solar Eclipse.  The time in which the moon will completely “eclipse” the light of the sun will be approximately 4 minutes and 28 seconds.  THIS, my lightworker friends, is rare.  The sun being totally eclipsed by the moon for almost 5 minutes is one of the longest eclipses of the 21st century.  From an esoteric standpoint, the time of the eclipse is directly proportional to the overall effect it has on the collective consciousness of the planet.  Therefore, we can deduce that this total solar eclipse will have a ripple effect that will significantly impact the world stage for quite some time into the future.  Now, the fact that it’s rippling through the center of the U.S. (and for a second time – the first being in 2017) …well you can probably figure out that the U.S. is on a major precipice of change.  That, my friends, is a good thing.


Let’s now get into the Astrology of the Total Solar Eclipse occurring today.  Eclipses happen in alignment with the nodes of the moon.  In evolutionary astrology the nodes of the moon have to do with our karmic past and our fated destiny or the future.  They are always opposite each other on the zodiac wheel.  In July 2023 the nodes of the moon shifted into the zodiac signs of Aries and Libra.  Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac.  These two signs create an axis which is about the self, our own personal identity, and our connection with others in our life.  It is the ME vs. We axis.  Therefore, the themes of the eclipses that are currently going on have to do with WHO and WHAT we are connected to in our life.  Now, these connections can be people, but also careers, homes, thought-patterns, belief systems, daily habits etc.  The south node of destiny is currently sitting in the sign of Libra (who and what we are connected to) and the north node of destiny is currently sitting in Aries (the connection we have to our SELF.)  Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, the planet of drive, motivation and courage, Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet associated with harmony, balance and what we value.  The south node (or in Vedic Astrology the Dragon’s Tail) has to do with what we need to sometimes let go of (or excrete) to move toward our north node of destiny (the Dragon’s Head) which is our future.


 Today’s Total Solar eclipse is in the Sign of Aries and connected with the north node of destiny.  This means that the theme of this eclipse is asking us to release and let go of “pressing the EASY button” (Libra) in our lives – thank you Staples - and stepping into our bravery and courage, (Aries) both personally and collectively to BRING more balance and harmony into our life.  In other words, on a personal level, where have you stayed in situations and with people who have treated you like a door mat, maybe forced you to be too politically correct all the time, people please for fear of rocking the boat?  Where have you put other’s needs before your own or been too afraid to make a decision or change horses because you are afraid of being judged or what other people may think of you?  Aries is all about our Identity and our own personal interests.  A New Moon solar eclipse is all about new beginnings.  Therefore, the Universe is asking you to create your “New Identity” based on your own personal interests and who you are NOW vs. who you have been in the past.  We are basically getting a cosmic “re-set” from the universe to step into our new mission, our new chapter – it’s a fresh start…what do you want your new story to look like?  With the North Node in Aries, this may seem a little selfish…but actually it’s the direction the Universe is asking us to move into.  By being selfish and putting our own needs first for once, we can release toxic energy from our life that can then create a more balanced, harmonious environment for us moving into the future. 


Eclipses occur in cycles and this particular new moon Total Solar eclipse is connected to a 19-year cycle you started back in 2005. Therefore, if you are struggling to see what this new moon total solar eclipse is trying to show you, go back to the time between December 2004 and June 2006 to see what important events may have occurred for you.  Mercury, the planet of communication and our thought processes (how we perceive information) is currently retrograde during this eclipse which means what you are working through is not necessarily new.  There is an element from your past that is being brought up to focus on right now.  Here’s where we can really do a “deep dive.”  On top of the fact that today’s lunation is a Super Moon, a Total Solar Eclipse dubbed one of the longest of the 21st century and happening during a Mercury Retrograde, the eclipse is occurring at 19 degrees of Aries and is exactly in line or conjunct Chiron, the dwarf planet, by the minute!  Chiron is considered the “wounded healer” in Astrology and is associated with a soul wound we have either experienced in a past life or in our early childhood.  Everyone has a Chiron placement somewhere in their birth chart as does the collective.  The collective’s Chiron wound?  Never feeling like we’re enough.  This means that there is a very powerful element of wounding and healing, both collectively and personally, that is coming up with this eclipse.  With the north node of Destiny tied to this Chiron-themed eclipse, we have a powerful potential to move toward healing into our future.  Now here’s where it gets interesting: Chiron energy is extremely sensitive and so this energy can feel extremely heavy, especially if the eclipse is occurring at a sensitive point in our birth chart.  Chiron can be associated with a physical wound (illness etc.) or even a psychological/emotional wound.  The last time the north node met up and aligned with Chiron was in 2008.  The energy of Chiron, who was a Centaur in Greek mythology, is not only a healer but also turns out to be a powerful teacher and maverick.  Chiron is not just conjunct the eclipse, but it is what is called Cazimi.  This is what makes this Chiron-infused eclipse so different.  When a planet is conjunct the Sun, the sun’s rays can actually burn out the energy of the planet, lessening its power.  This is known as a “combust” planet.  But when the planet is exactly in line with the sun (what’s called Cazimi) the opposite occurs.  Cazimi occurs when the planet moves into the “heart of sun.”  This means the energy of the planet is infused with the Sun instead of burned.  The qualities of the planet are purified, illuminated, and strengthened.  This means that we, as well as the collective, have a PROFOUND opportunity for healing with this fresh new beginning.  With this New Moon Total Solar Eclipse there can be flashes of enlightened downloads, independence, and courage! What is ready to be healed within you? What have you been looking at deep within yourself that have created toxic relationships, mindsets, and habits in your life?  You see, there is tremendous potential to heal both personally and collectively if we use this energy with intention – the universe is offering this to us to BENEFIT us! 


With that said, Chiron is sitting in the sign of Aries – the sign of the Warrior – the sign connected to Mars and associated with the Root Charka, the chakra that holds our primal fears, desires, and instincts to survive.  Therefore, there can be elements of deep fears and insecurities connected to this eclipse that can come up.  Chiron in Aries is also associated with the “wounded masculine.”  Where have we fought to survive, fought to be number 1, to be the best because our society has been blanketed with the idea that in order to feel like we’re ENOUGH, we need to be the best at something:   You fill in the blank: the best husband, wife, employee, mother, father, athlete, student….it goes on and on.  Because maybe if we have that “label,” we can finally feel like we are loved and accepted in the world and by others.  And so, we stay in outgrown relationships, jobs, friendships, associations because, heaven forbid, if we do what we really WANT to do, we will be judged or worse yet, seen as a failure.  We “fight” (Aries) to be seen, whether physically or psychologically.  But this is where the Universe says, it’s time to realize you are ENOUGH just the way you are.  Have you ever wondered who you really are “without” all those labels?  Who would you be if, for instance, you took away all those abbreviations following your name.  The Universe is an all-encompassing consciousness who only wants the highest and best for us so here we are given the chance to release outdated thinking and wounding so we can truly see our worth and know we are ENOUGH…just by simply breathing and being here on the planet.  The Universe is asking you to take a deep look at your sense of self.  Where is it wounded and where can you let go of all those stories that have created that wounding?  It is sitting with and accepting those wounds, but realizing you have the potential here to create your new chapter and re-write your story. You’re embarking on a new 19-year cycle – what do want it to look like? 


Mars, the planetary ruler of this eclipse, is conjunct Saturn the planet of hard work.  This means that finding your courage and new identity will take persistent work and effort.  With Mercury retrograde, you may not even see what that might look like until later toward May timeframe, even 2025.  But Saturn in Pisces is about manifesting our dreams.  So, if you feel that “heated” and impulsive urge to create your new chapter, just know Saturn won’t hand it to you on a silver platter.  However, through perseverance, and a “slow and steady” wins the race mindset, you can gently surrender those old stories and programs, let go of the old you and create a “new” you.  After all, this lunation is happening in a FIRE sign.  The fire signs are about being Authentic, following your Gut and Creating!  It takes courage and bravery to stop pressing the “easy” button.  After all, it’s comfortable.  We may not like it.  We may even feel miserable.  Nonetheless, it’s comfortable because we, as humans, are programmed as creatures of habit.  Know this, Aries and Mars conjunct Saturn during this eclipse WILL give you the strength, persistence, and motivation to do what needs to be done and make big shifts in your life.  Essentially GOD/SOURCE is giving you a new Mission.  It will take risks, bravery, courage and following your gut but your NEW STORY is being born.  That’s the highest vibration of this current energy. 


I would like to switch gears here as I finalize this blog and discuss the future of the collective and the planet regarding this eclipse.  There is a lot of hype circulating around the ominous omens of how the energy of this eclipse can manifest in the future.  A lot of this information is coming from the mindset of ancient esoteric principles and Astrology; for instance the fact that Mars and Saturn (the two Malefic planets in Astrology) are meeting up in the sky creating a “spiritual (Saturn in Pisces) war (Mars), Chiron conjunct the North Node creating a collective illness etc. We could go on and on.  Yes, I do believe the U.S. will undergo significant changes in the future releasing the energy around the status quo (the easy button) and move bravely and courageously into the future based on more freedom, truth and sovereignty.  Truth and disclosure will continue to come to light as we purge and shift into higher frequencies.  What happens this year will have a ripple effect on the world, given today’s eclipse runs straight through the heart of our country.  However, recently I had the honor of having an incredible conversation with esteemed U.S. Astrologer Kathy Rose, who studied under Noel Tyl, one of the greatest Astrologers of our current times.  We discussed the idea that during these monumental times of change on our planet, we must realize the need for Astrology to change with it.  Let me explain what I mean.  If you haven’t heard me discussing this before, on top of the significant astrological alignments that have occurred over the last number of years, we have also had increased energy coming off our Sun. We have currently maxed out in the energy of Solar Cycle 25 in which the Sun casts high vibrational frequencies down onto our atmosphere.  This shows up as solar flares, solar storms and mass coronal ejections affecting the Schumann Resonance of the Earth.  It is, in fact, these high vibrational frequencies that are literally upgrading our collective consciousness and creating the Ascension process.  This is all happening at a cellular level…. yes…I invite you to consider the fact our own DNA is actually being upgraded!  This is ultimately creating the environment for us to move into the Age of Aquarius and the New Earth.  It is through this Ascension process of the human collective consciousness we can anchor in more love, light, healing, truth, and peace onto this planet.  It starts with each and every one of us.  If you identify as being a Lightworker, Indigo, Blue Ray, Star seed, Healer, Empath, Sensitive, you are here to assist in anchoring in these cosmic energies onto the planet.  This is where I want to backtrack a bit to Chiron.  You see Chiron, the dwarf planet, orbits between Saturn and Uranus in our solar system.  Saturn is the furthest planet we can see in our solar with the naked eye before we come to Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto which we consider the “transpersonal planets” because they cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Therefore, Chiron acts as a “Bridge” between the seen and unseen planets – the physical and the spiritual.  In ancient times, people could only physically see to Saturn with the naked eye.  It wasn’t until the 1600’s when the first telescope was invented that we discovered the new planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  Consequently, Chiron also represents the bridge between the old and new..OR the 3D consciousness and the 5D consciousness.  This eclipse is creating a portal – a bridge (Chiron) between the old earth and the new earth. We, as a collective, are ascending into higher consciousness.  The species is evolving. Therefore, I believe it is in our best interest to consider the fact that the ancient meanings of the planets and Astrology as a whole must evolve as well.  This Total Solar Eclipse is, again in Aries.  Aries is ruled by Mars which is all about “free-will.”  Although Astrology can be a powerful guide, we disempower ourselves when we come from a place of fear and victim consciousness (Chiron) and forgetting that we can “CHOOSE” with our free-will and thoughts how we want to experience the shifts in the world happening around us.  Each one of the planets and zodiac signs have a higher vibrational energy and a lower vibrational energy.  One of the gifts of being born with Free-will is that we get to “choose” which energy and vibration we want to embody.  This is where Chiron conjunct the North Node in Aries during a Total Solar Eclipse give us a choice.  It’s all about intention here.  The Sun represents our ego and identity in Astrology.  When the moon eclipses the sun, for a brief moment (4 minutes in this case) our identity is wiped clean.  The frequency on the radio station had been changed.  What do you want your new radio station to play?  Rock? Classical?  Bluegrass?  Chiron here gives us a gift as a collective to choose – do we stay in the old or do we step into and create the New?  I know what I am choosing – how about you? I believe in a loving, benevolent Universe who only wants our highest and best.  We are all connected as a human collective.  This means that we can literally create our reality and future based on where our collective vibration lies.  Astrologers predict future events based on planetary cycles.  What has happened in the past can give us an idea of what will happen the next time around (to a certain extent.) Here is the KEY:  our collective consciousness is NOT at the same vibration and frequency as it was during the last planetary cycles.  We are ascending – we are evolving.  Which means, we have the POWER to shift the energy, so it doesn’t manifest in the lower vibrational ways it has in the past.  We can truly manifest the higher vibrational energies.  That’s how powerful the human mind is.  So again, I invite you to see this from a bit of a different lens and perspective so you can feel a bit more empowered with how you choose to navigate the future.  BE Present.  BE Grounded.  BE Intentional. 


A powerful lunation such as this one can create havoc on our physical and emotional bodies – especially our nervous system so if you’re feeling tired, fried, emotional then you’re not alone.  This energy can feel very heavy. I encourage you to reach out to someone if you are struggling mentally and having a hard time.  Check on your Cardinal Sign friends: Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancers – these signs may experience this particular eclipse most strongly….especially ones that have placements between 16 and 22 degrees of those signs.  I am also offering some additional suggestions, per recommendations of Astrologer Pam Gregory to assist you in moving through this portal and into the future as we navigate the Ascension to New Earth.

1.      Make a Choice to be Happy everyday (Remember you have Free-will.)

2.      Take stock on a daily basis where your thoughts are – Positive? Negative?  Check in and shift them if you can

3.      Recognize and accept where you are on own journey.  Be gentle with yourself – You are exactly where you need to be at the moment.

4.      Live “Intentionally.”  Aries is the zodiac sign most associated with the “I AM” presence.  Therefore, using positive I AM affirmations can help anchor in the healing and new identity you are wishing to create and manifest.

5.      Be Patient – with Mars conjunct Saturn and Mercury retrograde you may not see clarity on how to move forward or results of your work for a bit – don’t fret – slow and steady wins the race.

6.      Visualize your new identity and goals every day!

7.      Develop a sense of Purpose

8.      Do the little things: Dance, Sing, Laugh, Hug – whatever you need to do to find more JOY in your life and raise your own personal vibration

9.      Finally – if there is any sort of trauma involved in your healing process, using techniques like EFT tapping and the Ho’oponopono Hawaiian prayer can assist with forgiveness. 


In conclusion, I hope this shed some light on the energy of this Total New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries.  I am still overing my personal mini eclipse readings through the month of April so if you feel guided, reach out and I can assist you in setting one up.  They run 30 minutes and are conducted LIVE virtually over Zoom.  All the best for a powerful Solar Eclipse – may it create the breakthrough and illumination you have been waiting and hoping for.  My April newsletter will be following shortly so stay tuned for that in the near future. 


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