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October's Astrological Energy Forecast

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Happy October! Or I should say…get ready for an “Intense” October! So much is going on Astrologically during this month - the planets are really on the move. We are on the tail end of a record number of planets retrograde, bringing more energy to our internal awareness. Retrograde energy is a time of re-calibration as we re-assess different areas in our life (structures, thought patterns, self-empowerment etc.) that need to be tweaked. However, October is a month of profound change as 3 planets turn around and move direct while the much-anticipated Mars gets ready to make his rare retrograde trip. These events are topped with an intense opportunity for healing with the upcoming full Moon in Aries and a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio. Eclipse season always brings fated events and profound change, but if that energy wasn’t enough the heavy boys Saturn and Uranus are squaring off this month and battling out the need for freedom vs. the desire to keep things at status quo…yeah…that’s a lot to process.

We are currently in Libra season which is naturally ruled by Venus - the planet of love, harmony, and peace. This is the energy we are now integrating, especially in the area of relationships as Libra rules over this domain in our lives. We are working through ways in which more love, peace and balance can be found in our life and determining if the current relationships we are a part of bring that energy in or sap our energy out. The full moon in Aries on the 9th will bring these questions to a head and tensions could arise as the balance (or imbalance) is assessed and ultimately shown to us. It is at this full moon that the energy starts to shift from the Venus theme of harmony to the Mars theme of action and courage. The final week of October both the sun and Venus move into Mars and Pluto ruled Scorpio which will bring up themes around courage, action, and intensity. The new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio will be a major astrological re-set in the relationship department but quite possibly other areas as well like finances that will require us diving deep to cultivate resilience and strength. Mars finally turns retrograde in Gemini (the sign that rules our thoughts) on October 30th ending the month in which we must make a conscious effort to keep tabs on where our mental energy is going. Anxiety and restlessness could be key symptoms for some so meditation, breathwork and hands-on healing/energy work can assist with calming all the mind chatter.

In conclusion, there is an intense and dramatic shift in energy halfway through October that incorporates a variety of themes from love, peace and balance to fear, courage and bravery. The KEY to navigating this intense shift is assessing where your own personal vibration falls on a daily basis. Are you radiating love and peace? Are you radiating anger and frustration? This is where the power lies in your hands. You can literally choose how you navigate these upcoming energies, and it all lies in the mental conversations and thoughts you are having with yourself every day. Check out the additional alignments and the FULL Astrological Energy Forecast for the rest of October - Complete with specialized Crystal suggestions for all you Crystal Lovers out there below!

· Oct. 2nd – Mercury goes Direct – Time to move forward and have those conversations, sign the contracts, and start that new job (Suggested Crystal – Blue Apatite and Kyanite)

· Oct. 8th – Pluto goes Direct – Intense feelings and thoughts will come to the surface so get ready for an overall powerful day (Suggested Crystal – Green Opal)

· Oct. 9th – Full moon in Aries at 16 degrees – This moon will be an intense time for healing as we will be forced to surrender more to our journey, especially in the areas of relationships (Suggested Crystal – Fire Quartz)

· Oct. 23rd – Saturn goes Direct while both the Sun and Venus enter Scorpio ushering in Scorpio season. Intimacy, vulnerability, and renewal are themes for this season as we dive deep into the realms of transformation (Suggested Crystal – Labradorite)

· Oct. 25th – New Moon Solar Eclipse at 2 degrees Scorpio – This marks an extremely fated and karmic time which can manifest as some kind of significant ending (it’s a south node eclipse) only to bring new beginnings...especially in matters of the heart (Suggested Crystal – Garnet)

· Oct. 30th – Mars goes Retrograde at 25 degrees Gemini – Mars isn’t a fan of being in Gemini and he especially doesn’t like moving BACKWARD! This is a lot of mental energy internalized so make sure you’re finding ways to relieve the restlessness and calm the mental chatter overload. (Suggested Crystal – Petrified Wood and Smoky Quartz)

Those are the energetic alignments for October!

See you next month!

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