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August Astrological Energy Forecast

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

August starts off with a BANG energetically as we had a RARE astrological alignment occurring on August 1st between the planets Mars, Uranus, and the North Node of Destiny. The Nodes of the Moon are not planets but mathematical points on the ecliptic where the seasonal eclipses of the sun and moon occur. Symbolically, the North Node represents lessons and themes our collective is currently experiencing. The Nodes of Destiny take about 15 years to travel through the entire zodiac. Mars, Uranus, and the north node have now met up in the sign of Taurus – symbolically represented by the bull. Taurus rules our material world – what we need to feel safe and secure. So, this includes areas like our money and banking systems, agriculture and food, real estate - but it also rules natural resources and natural weather patterns. Consequently, we could see significant changes in the areas I mentioned above in the fairly near future. Although we may not notice anything significant the day of the alignment itself on the 1st, this meet-up will catalyze major themes that will be prevalent in our lives for the next 15 years or so until the next cycle begins in 2038.

We also have the last Full Super Moon of the year occurring in rebellious Aquarius, as well as love and communication being highlighted with activations of the Leo, Virgo, and Gemini energy. August is a universal 5 month in the ancient science of Numerology, representing change and renewal. The energy of this month is setting off a wave of change that will be more strongly felt next month in September and on as Mars gets ready to spend a HEFTY amount of time in the sign of Duality – Gemini. Mars will be a big player over the course of the rest of the year because in October it makes its retrograde journey which doesn’t happen but once every two years. Mars is the action planet. He likes to exert himself and move forward. When Mars goes retrograde, all that energy to move forward gets internalized and can best be described as a pressure cooker. This energetic activation, along with the building up of the tense conversation occurring between Saturn and Uranus that has played out both this year and last year, will bring more pressure and frustration around moving toward a more progressive society while still attempting to maintain a sense of order and stability.

However, there is also a healing energy connected to this month as Virgo the maiden starts her season on the 22nd focusing on self-improvement, service to others and the urge to make a difference. The question we can ask ourselves during the month of August is what thoughts will we get caught up in – chaos and change or curiosity and keeping our eye on the “North Star?” Check out the additional alignments and the FULL Astrological Energy Forecast for the rest of August - Complete with specialized Crystal suggestions for all you Crystal Lovers out there below!

· August 4th – Mercury, the planet of communication, moves from proud Leo into analytical Virgo – a great time for getting organized, planning, and starting new routines – especially around health and wellness (Suggested Crystal – Howlite)

· August 11th – Super full moon in Aquarius – this full moon is aligned with Saturn so will have a heaviness associated with it. This has strong manifestation power and can bring about either karmic rewards or continued lessons around following our heart and shining our light despite what other people think (Suggested Crystal – Moldavite)

· August 11th – Venus, the planet of Love, moves from emotional Cancer to “look at me” Leo – Love, warmth and generosity are highlighted over the next 3 weeks; don’t be subtle – LOVE BOLDLY (Suggested Crystal – Bumblebee Jasper)

· August 20th – Mars moves from slow-moving Taurus to curious and restless Gemini – Ask Questions; where does your motivation for peace and abundance come from? (Suggested Crystal – Flower Agate)

· August 22nd – The sun moves into Virgo activating our sense of self-improvement, service, and organization in our life (Suggested Crystal – Green Aventurine)

· August 24th – Uranus, the planet of lightning-fast intuition, goes retrograde creating inner revelations and shifts around our sense of self-worth, abundance, and prosperity (Suggested Crystal – Fluorite and Golden Healer)

· August 25th– Mercury moves from analytical Virgo to diplomatic Libra – Balance and negotiations in contracts and conversations are favored during this time (Suggested Crystal – Pink Opal)

· August 27th – New Moon in Virgo - A healing moon allowing us to move away from a sense of woundedness to a sense of wholeness; set intentions toward any emotional or physical healing. (Suggested Crystal - Pink Tourmaline)

Those are the energetic alignments for August!

See you next month!

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