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January 2024 Astrological Energy Forecast

Welcome to an absolutely EPIC year 2024 is set to be!  We are on the precipice of experiencing a radical paradigm shift that will last for the next 21 years!  2024 is going to be a very FAST moving, high voltage year filled with endings and new beginnings for those of us who are ready to level up in our spiritual evolution.  It will be an electric year, buzzing with mental energy as two major planets shift from the EARTH element to the AIR element.  Uranus, the planet of the heavens that rules over our nervous system will be very active this year bringing in downloads and insight but also quite possibly scattered thinking and distractions.  Pluto, the planet of power and evolution, will make his BIG move this month moving into the revolutionary sign of Aquarius for about 9 months, giving us a taste of what the next 20 years has in store for humanity.  If you’ve been feeling the heaviness of the last 4 years (who hasn’t?) then get ready for a major turn of events.  This year marks a major 3-year transformation portal of our collective.  As talked about a bit last year, Pluto moving into Aquarius marks a new generation and this generation will be marked by a surge in technological advancements, medicine, aviation, AI…all things that Aquarius rules.  However, Pluto is also fantastic as ripping things apart and exposing the corrupt side of things so get ready for some major disclosure and truth coming out around corruption in these areas as well.  Humanity is indeed going through an awakening and Pluto in Aquarius over the next 21 years will allow the people to see the truth and move toward ultimately taking their sovereignty and power back.  January is a huge month for setting the stage as to how the energies of 2024 will unfold.  Let’s take a look at the major transits of January that usher in this new energy. 


Jan. 1st – Mercury goes DIRECT in Sagittarius ending a 3-week retrograde.  Mercury in Sagittarius has us envisioning the big picture and seeing the possibilities. However, it’s having a confusing conversation with Neptune so don’t get frustrated if you don’t have a plan quite yet on how to achieve those New Year’s Resolutions. 


Jan. 4th – Mars enters Capricorn – Mars loves being in Capricorn as he can strategize and get the job DONE no matter what, so for the next 6 weeks we are gifted with some focus and determination to make things happen.


Jan. 9th – The Sun makes a harmonious trine with Uranus giving us some FRESH energy to change horses where we need to.  “Expect the unexpected” on this day as it could be destabilizing, yet quite exciting.


Jan. 11th – New Moon in Capricorn – the first new moon of the year and being ruled by Saturn is a great New Moon to plant seeds, set your intentions and officially birth those New Year’s Resolutions.  This is a very positive new moon great for manifesting with the help of the moon having a great conversation with Neptune and Uranus, the planets of vision and breakthroughs. 


Jan. 14th – Mercury moves into Capricorn – re-entering Capricorn from when it first started its retrograde, Mercury in Capricorn is practical and logical.  With the help of Mars, Mercury in Cap can help us strategize how we what to achieve this year’s goals.


Jan. 20th – AN EXTREMELY POWERFUL DAY!! The sun aligns with Pluto, the planet of power at the last degree of the zodiac.  The 29th degree is what’s called a fated anaretic degree and is all about karmic endings, culminations, and mastery.  Just 30 minutes later the sun moves into the sign of Aquarius marking the start of Aquarius season (Happy Birthday to all the Aquarians out there) and just hours after that, Pluto breaks the threshold and crosses into Aquarius as well.  These three transits are major power players into how 2024 will continue to unfold.  It will be very interesting to see what occurs on the world stage over that weekend. 


Jan. 23rd – Venus moves into the sign of Capricorn – with 3 personal planets now in Capricorn there’s a lot of focus, a desire for achieving our goals and the mental state to go the long haul as Capricorn rewards hard work, persistence, focus and integrity. 


Jan. 25th – Full Moon in Leo – Occurring at 5 degrees of Leo, this full moon is having a tense conversation with both Pluto and Jupiter.  On one hand there can be an intensely emotional ending or re-setting and with Jupiter in Taurus, whatever occurs, and manifests has got some true sticking power. 


Jan. 27th – Uranus goes DIRECT – Uranus, the planet of change, upheavals, breakthroughs, and rebellion is the last planet that finally turns Direct, making all the planets in the sky now moving forward.  This is our green light until April to see great momentum and energy over the next several months.  This will allow us to make great strides and be productive in all areas of our life so if you have been feeling the stagnation since late summer and fall, this will be a very much welcomed reprieve. 


On a final note, the stars of the show will be those individuals that have personal angles and planets in Capricorn as there is A LOT of focused energy in this sign until later in the month.  You will notice a lot of activations come through ushering in your own personal changes and breakthroughs. 


That’s all the alignments for January – see you all in February!

Image Credit: Pinterest


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