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June Astrological Energy Forecast

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Whew! The astrological energy for June 2022 is much more balanced as we have officially ended an intense Eclipse season, Mercury leaves Retrograde, and the planets start to disperse themselves a little more between the different elements. This should start to make us feel a little more balanced as well. We celebrate the summer solstice this month up here in the northern hemisphere (the longest day of the year) as we enter Cancer season and wave bye to both Saturn and Neptune as THEY both take their annual retrograde journey in Aquarius and Pisces respectively. Check out the important astrological dates in June below to assist you in navigating the cosmos this month.

· June 3rd – Mercury goes Direct – Start the month off scheduling your new projects, classes, social gatherings and first dates; Take that passion of the previous Mars/Jupiter merging in Aries to go full throttle in life (Suggested Crystal – Blue Kyanite)

· June 4th – Saturn Retrograde – Saturn takes his annual trip backwards showing us where we can re-evaluate our relationship with boundaries, responsibility and structure (Suggested Crystal – Obsidian)

· June 11th – 16th – Venus conjunct Uranus and the North Node of Destiny - Venus is love, Uranus is surprises, North node is our life purpose. Just when we think we know what we want, Uranus shakes things up to show us what we really want. (Suggested Crystal – Sugilite)

· June 14th – Full moon in Sagittarius – This full moon closes an introspective lunar cycle as the new moon’s ruler was mercury in retrograde. What beliefs and mindsets have shifted for you? (Suggested Crystal – Obsidian)

· June 21st – Sun moves into Cancer bringing us Cancer season and the summer solstice (Suggested Crystal - Moonstone)

· June 22nd – Venus Enters Gemini – a love of the “word.” Communication, socializing and learning will go very well during this time. (Suggested Crystal - Chrysoprase)

· June 28th – New Moon in Cancer while Neptune goes Retrograde – This new moon has some umph behind it with a tense aspect to a passion-filled Jupiter; a particularly great new moon for “intention-setting” as Jupiter brings blessings (Suggested Crystal – Clear Quartz)

And June comes to a close. Looking pretty good I must say as we gear up for the next powerful alignment in July.

See you next month!

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