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June Astrological Energy Forecast

The month of June flies in with an abundance of fast-moving AIR energy as we get well underway into Gemini season, ruled by our social and swift planet Mercury.  In the beginning of the month on the 4th of June Venus, the planet of love and money, transitions from the morning star (where she has been since last August) to the evening star.  Venus is special in that her orbit creates a 5-pointed star sacred geometry.  When she moves to an evening star, where she can be seen just after sunset, she favors more lovemaking, as opposed to when she resides as a morning star in which she favors war-like actions (according to the ancients.)  On the same day, Venus moves into the heart of the sun creating what’s called a cazimi effect. When Venus conjuncts the sun, she brings in more love, peace and harmony, helping to align our goals and essence with our values.  This is followed promptly by a super-charged new moon in Gemini on the 6th, but then takes a grounded turn when Mars, the planet of action and motivation, moves from the fiery sign of Aries to the earthly sign of Taurus while the Gemini sun squares off with Saturn.  Things will get a bit intense mid-month as Mars in Taurus makes a powerful alignment with Pluto – you’re really going to want to be mindful of how you use that energy (read the detailed description below) but shortly after, Mercury and Venus start to usher in the beginning of the Cancer energies we’ll see come in later in the week.  June 20th marks the solstice, summer if you’re in the northern hemisphere, winter if you’re in the southern hemisphere, as the sun moves into the watery and nurturing sign of Cancer.  On the heels of the solstice, we have a full moon in Capricorn, and we wind down the end of the month with Saturn making his yearly shift to retrograde on June 29th.  In short, June starts out with super-charged mental energy and finishes up bringing us into more sensitive and emotional territory.  All that said, let’s take a detailed look at the alignments that will aid in this cosmic energetic shift that June brings:


Jun 2nd – Jupiter trine Pluto – a rarer alignment, the planet of luck and abundance meets up with the planet of power.  This alignment can bring rare, positive opportunities and a welcomed desire to make positive changes in your life.  It can lead to financial luck as well as uncovering important truthful information. 


Jun 4th – Sun conjunct Venus – Venus moves from a morning star to an evening star.   


Jun 6th – New moon in Gemini – a powerful new moon hosting a whopping 5 planets in the sign of Gemini.  This is about as Gemini of a new moon as you can get.  A good time to start a class, travel somewhere, start a social or romantic connection or write a book.  For an in-depth explanation of this new moon in Gemini, check out either of my social media pages (FB and IG) where I wrote an in-depth post about it. 


Jun. 9th – Mars moves into Taurus – time to take all those new moon intentions you set and start to get to work on them.  Mars in Taurus says, “practice what you preach” and start making some committed actions toward those goals. With both patience and persistence, you can manifest those goals, possibly come the full moon in Gemini toward the end of the year. 


Jun. 11th – Mars squares Pluto – the planet of action and motivation butts heads with the planet of power.  These are the two “powerhouse” planets having a square-off.  The BEST way to use this energy is to break through any limiting barriers in your life.  It creates a powerful opportunity to use both your resourcefulness, resilience and motivation to make big changes in your life. 


Jun. 16th – Venus squares Neptune – a highly creative and imaginative day you can use this energy to channel beautiful art.  Be mindful of relationship dynamics today as things can seem a little too good to be true with any romantic prospects or bright shiny purchases. 


Jun. 17th – Venus and Mercury slide into the sign of Cancer initiating the start of transitioning from the AIR element energies to the WATER element energies.  Over the next few weeks, we may feel more attracted to hosting get togethers from our home, connecting with our family, sharing our heartfelt feelings for a loved one, even noticing our intuition and dream state to be more online.    


Jun. 20th – The Summer solstice arrives as the sun moves into Cancer.  Happy birthday to all the Cancerians out there!  Summer has officially arrived in the northern hemisphere!  The sun also lines up with Neptune, the planet of spirituality, making us feel a bit lazy and unmotivated.  Take the day off and go lounge by a pool 😉 


Jun. 21st – Full moon in Capricorn – a very practical and ambitious full moon, this lunation is a great time to release any concrete, tangible obstacles that are hindering your success in life.  Align more with what you desire and take some to re-define what success means to you. 


Jun. 29th – Saturn goes Retrograde – the planet of discipline and responsibility will go retrograde until Nov. 15th giving us a “reality check” in whichever house Saturn is transiting in our chart.  Saturn is currently in the watery sign of Pisces, giving us the chance to literally manifest (Saturn) our dreams (Pisces.) However, when Saturn turns backward the focus goes from external energy to internal energy.  Spend the next several months doing some internal work: meditation, self-reflection, healing of old wounds, to better understand what might be holding you back from the success you desire.   


That’s all the major alignments for June – see you all in July!

Image Credit: Pinterest


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